Monday, April 30, 2012

Quilts a Plenty

Ok this is totally - well maybe not totally but almost totally off the ovarian cancer topic.

Yesterday at the Ely House ( the home of the Hightstown -East Windsor Historic Society ) they held the "Back in Time "Quilt show. The Society invited Dana Balsamo, Material Pleasures, to speak about "Dating Fabric - 300 Years of America".

I am not a quilter, I don't even sow well - except for maybe a button or snap here and there. But after seeing my friend Sharon working on quilts I got hooked but not in a sewing sort of way. Over the past year, I have been painting Quilt patterns. The first one "Hope" was teal and brown  for ovarian cancer,( the second was "Courage" pink and beige for breast cancer (  and I am currently working on a grey and purple one for brain and pancreatic cancer.

So I thought attending this event would be a great way to find new patterns for my paintings.  I walked in paid my entrance fee and the first question I was asked was if I was a quilter. I said no but I paint quilts and the lady thought that it was a very neat thing for me to do. I asked if I could take photos (yes) but sadly before the lecture started my phone ran out of charge. I was happy to get a chance to meet some fellow Hightstown residents, one who was born in the Ely house and one who lives in a Victorian house on South Main who invited me to stop by.

The lecture was excellent. I learned about quilt making, why some had knots and the differences in patterns and fabric( muslin, dress cotton  and silk) from the early 1700's to the 2000's. The sample quilts were just beautiful. Here is a sampling of a few of the quilts I saw yesterday!

Delectable Mountain

modified Friendship Star

part of Hightstown Bicentenial quilt 

Log Cabin


Wedding Ring 

I think that I should expand my Life Quilt painting series to include quilts on beds and chairs.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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