Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#4HAWMC - I write about my health because...

#4 I write about my health because... Reflect on why you write  about your health for 15 minutes without stopping. So here goes...

I began writing my blog in 2007. I am an ovarian cancer survivor and had attended the first Livestrong Survivors Summit the year before. At the Summit many survivors had spoken about how they shared their story online in blog form and stayed in touch with family and friends that way too.

So in December that year I began writing this blog. Below is my first post.

Today I took the plunge and decided to make this blog. I guess you could say it is an early New Year's resolution. In addition to sharing my thoughts on this journey, I will post links and information relevant to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in New Jersey. Since I am a strong supporter of the Lance Armstrong Foundation I will also post items relevant to LiveStrong activities from Challenges to LiveStrong Day.

It was a simple a blog back then with some links to other blogs that I read. I have come a long way since then. I now have multiple pages to my blog - resources, local events, support groups,women of teal page ( honoring survivors and those who lost their lives to this disease),  about me and and a news page.

Back in 2008 this blog was the way I communicated about my recurrence. I wrote about my choices for treatment, when I had my surgery , when I started chemotherapy, the time I spent in the hospital after a serious reaction to carboplatin and about finishing treatment and becoming NED( no evidence of disease) again .

And since then I have been, as ovarian cancer survivors say "dancing with NED", I have taken to writing about ovarian cancer research.  I look at news articles about ovarian cancer and then read the related journal articles and then put that research into layman's terms and write about it on my blog.  I also try to relate if the study will impact my reader's lives. Don't get me wrong if there is a fun event or fundraising activity taking place in NJ you will find me writing about it on this blog.

I hope to continue sharing my story and important research studies for years to come.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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