Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dinner Guests - HAWMC 19

5  Dinner  Guests.  ␣Who are five people you'd love to have dinner with (living or deceased)  and  why?

Well this is an interesting prompt. I'll give you the names of those I would love to meet in person. 

Walt Disney
Pope John Paul II
Cesar Milan
Rosalind Franklin
Werhner von Braun

Now here is why I chose these people and why they were the first ones to come to mind. 

Walt - I love Disney World and Disney animation. I also think he is a creative genius and would love to hear where his ideas came from.

Pope JPII- I have always respected how JPII was able to connect with so many people- young, old , from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. I also respected how he handled his suffering and pain during the later years of his life.

Cesar Milan- I am a dog lover and I have read Cesar's book. He has had an interesting life and would love to have him meet my dogs.

Rosalind Franklin- I would like to talk to her about her DNA research and how it was to be a female doing such ground-breaking research. I'd love to ask her what areas she would investigate now to find a screening test for ovarian cancer.

Werhner von Braun- Since grammar school I have loved science and space flight. I would like to hear how Werhner decided to study aeronautics and how he adjusted to living in the United States. 

It sure would be an interesting dinner. 

Every Day is a Blessing!

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