Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Finally learned to Say No - HAWMC

HAWMC 16 Learned  the  Hard  Way - What is a lesson you learned the hard way. Write about it for 15  today. 

The lesson that took me the longest to learn was how to say No. It was not until I was diagnosed with cancer did I really learn to say No! 

Sure I would try to say no before that but it really didn't take much to twist my arm to get me to volunteer for something. So tell me what a good job I would do or that no one else volunteered and our kids wouldn't have a troop and I caved. So I was a girl scout leader, a CCD teacher, sang in the choir, chaired a Middle States Accreditation committee, took on an extra class and taught a class on internet safety to parents. Now don't get me wrong, those were not bad things to volunteer for but at the time it really did add stress and took time away from my family. 

But once I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and the future was so unsure, time with family and friends became more important.  It was easier to say NO when I did not know if I would be physically able to help out. I began volunteering for things I was really interested. And  in the process learned more about myself. I still volunteer and have still had my arm twisted once or twice. And by really loving the things I volunteer for makes me a more dedicated volunteer. 

And you know what I am actually considering singing in the choir again at my new church. La la la....

Every Day is a Blessing!

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