Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Things I Can't Live Without - HAWMC# 13

10 Things I  Couldn't Live Without- Write  a  list  of  the  10  things  you  need  (or  love)   most.

This will be a short post. 
I can't live without:
  1. My family - love them all !
  2. My friends- wouldn't have made it this far without their support
  3. My gyn-onc - (actually wouldn't be here making up this list without her)
  4. Amber, my dog - She just makes me laugh and that is good for the soul
  5. My Iphone - How else would I keep in touch with family who live far away
  6. My Macbook - Those Google video chats are the best 
  7. Cannoli  - or maybe just the filling MMM Good 
  8. new mission style recliner - Best place to relax in my house 
  9. Family photos - Love remembering good times 
  10.  Trips to Disney - To me it is Magical

Every Day is a Blessing! Happy Friday the 13th. 

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