Saturday, April 7, 2012

#7 HAWMC Health Activist Choice- OC Research News

  #7 HAWMC Health  Activist  Choice!  Write  about  what  you  want  today.

I've been waiting for a prompt like this. I think I might have to post two entries some days- those part of the HAWMC and those about OC news / events or general survivorship issues.

It has been a busy week ( the AACR annual meeting was taking place)  and a number of different Ovarian Studies were being presented and discussed online. Because of the holiday weekend ( Happy Easter / Happy Passover) I will not provide in depth commentary on these interesting links to research.

DNA Markers May Predict the Success of Ovarian Cancer Treatments
It is all about microRNAs.

Height and Ovarian Cancer
Retrospective study - taller women greater risk of OC also found higher BMI greater risk.
I am 5'2".

Genetics Set Analysis may be Keys to Surviving Ovarian Cancer
Immune suppressant FKBP65 has also been found to be inversely associated with the expression of tumor suppressor gene P53. 

PARP inhibitor slows Ovarian Cancer
Problem - AstroZenaca no longer produces this inhibitor. 

Of course there are also other topics being discuss that impact patients.
Here is one I found especially interesting. - Complex choices require shared decisions
I am glad that my doctor and I discuss treatments and agree with the steps going forward.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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