Monday, April 9, 2012

HAWMC 9 Keep Calm ...

 Keep  calm  and  carry  on.  Write  (and  create)  your  own  Keep  Calm  and  Carry  On   poster.  Can  you  make  it  about  your  condition?

Ovarian Cancer know your body

The symptoms of ovarian cancer -  bloating, frequent urination, pelvic or abdominal pain,difficulty eating - may resemble other gastrointestinal diseases. But if after two weeks those symptoms continue you need to see you gynecologist. Tell him/her exactly how you feel because You Know Your Body Best! You know that you feel differently and you are the expert in how you feel.

As a gynecologic oncologist once told me " Ask your doctor to prove to you that you don't have ovarian cancer"

Every Day is a Blessing

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