Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It Never Is Easy

It is never easy to lose a friend.

Ann came into my life when she joined the Gynecologic Cancer Support Group at the Cancer Institute of NJ. She joined our group when she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. The treatments for endometrial cancer involve surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and are a bit different than for ovarian cancer but we were happy to have her join us.

I learned a lot from Ann. I learned about Brachy therapy. I learned about the strength we can muster when faced with cancer as well as other medical issues. Ann asked tough questions of her doctors and expected answers that covered all aspects of her care. She coordinated the care provided by her gynecologic-oncologist , her surgeon, her kidney specialist,  her radiation oncologists and did it with courage and  humor.

We both attended the June 2009 CINJ Survivors Day event with our husbands and celebrated our survivorship. Over time we started to call, write e-mails or text in between our monthly support group meetings. We talked about treatments and  scan results, but we also shared stories about our children and our houses and our cars. I visited her when she was in the hospital with a broken leg. She offered words of advice and support via e-mail when I was in Kansas when my grandson was first born and spent time in the NICU unit.

I texted her on the 21st- "Thinking of u wearing the necklace u made me to a fundraiser in New Brunswick. Hugs" . Yesterday Ann lost her battle with cancer. You can read more about Ann here.

I was blessed to have Ann be a part of my life. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband, Don, and children.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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