Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Women of Teal (HAWMC 24)

Health  Mascot.  Give  yourself,  your  condition,  or  your  health  focus  a  mascot.  Is  it  a   real  person?  Fictional?  Mythical  being?  Describe  them.  Bonus  points  if  you  provide  a   visual! 

My Health mascot has graced my blog since I started it back in 2007.

Woman of Teal

Say hello to "Women of Teal". I created her during an Art Therapy Class at the Cancer Institute of NJ a month before I began this blog. 

She wears a LiveSTRONG bracelet to show she is a survivor,  a cross to signify her faith , a shirt with homes to signify her family and she carries a shield with a Teal T, the color of ovarian cancer awareness, to help her fight her cancer every day.  

As my blog states"
Women of Teal is a play on the words "Man of Steel" used to describe Superman. I am an ovarian cancer survivor who has found other ovarian cancer survivors to be some of the strongest, most helpful women in the world. They are truly Women of Teal!"

Every Day is a Blessing!

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