Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Researcher and Advocate Interaction HAWMC 25

Third  person  post.  Write  about  a  memory  you  have  but  describe  it   using  the  third   person.  Use  as  many  sensory  images  (sights,  sounds,  textures,  etc.)

A Researcher and Advocate

Who is this women? The one with the shiny teal colored shirt and black slacks. She is carrying a notebook and heading toward me. Wait look at her name tag. She is a research advocate from the US. Oh boy, I wonder what she will ask me?

"Hello" she says. I said hello back and wait for the question or comment about my talk on support groups. 
 She says, " My experience with support groups is different than what your research has shown in Australia . My cancer center has a gynecologic cancer support group. I have been attending it for over 4 years now. We have a core group of six women but sometimes have as many as twelve  at our meetings. I think the key to our support group success is the fabulous social worker who facilitates the meeting. She makes all the women feel welcome. We talk about our health and also express our feelings - sad or happy or anxious.  This life is a journey and it may including losing some of these women to this disease but I wouldn't assume that just because that happens the group will not stay intact. The key is to reach out to newly diagnosed and those just out of treatment and invite them to join. That will keep your group alive. Well at least that is how it has worked with ours."

I say, "Thank you,  I am so glad your experience has been beneficial to you." She says, "Thanks for taking the time to chat." And then she slowly walks away. You know she might have a point about the moderator being key to the support group experience . 

Although this interaction happened last year at a medical meeting I really don't know how the researcher actually thought as I approached him or after our contact. At least I hope he took some time to think about what I said. 

Every Day is a Blessing 

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