Friday, April 27, 2012

It's the little things HAWMC 27

5  Challenges  &  5  Small  Victories.  Make  a  list  of  the  5  most  difficult  parts  of  your   health  focus.  Make  another  top  5  list  for  the  little,  good  things  (small  victories)  that   keep  you  going. 

5 Challlenges 
  1. Make women aware that there are symptoms of Ovarian Cancer ( Bloating, frequent urination, abdominal pain, difficulty eating)
  2. Make women aware that all women are a risk for ovarian cancer .(Even if you had a hysterectomy you are at risk.)
  3. Make women aware that the Pap Test does not screen for Ovarian Cancer. (There is NO screening test for ovarian cancer. )
  4. Change people's reaction when I tell them " I am an  ovarian cancer survivor." ( It is not a death sentence.  At least right now for me it is not.) 
  5. Have more doctors and researchers choose to focus their research on ovarian cancer

5 Victories 
  1. Be able to share my story online through this blog and other sites
  2. Wake up some mornings and cancer is not the first thing I think of ( like this morning) 
  3. Be treated by wonderful gynecologic oncologists and nurses 
  4. Have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women 
  5. Have the opportunity to interact with researchers at ASCO 

This was an interesting prompt. When I first started writing I wasn't sure I could find 5 good things but look at that I did. 

Every Day is a Blessing!

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