Sunday, June 3, 2012

ASCO Friday pm - Gyn Posters

Note: I apologize for not updating my blog as frequently as I had intended to. My nook requires me to enter the posts in html- adding tags and the wifi here at McCormick has been spotty.

I arrived late Friday ,after a two hour flight delay. So I missed the personalized medicine lecture I had wanted to hear. Instead I went directly to the gynecologic cancer posters. The posters I found most interesting include: the vaccine research at UPenn, metronic oral Topotecan and pazopanib, lenalomide in recurrent OC , gamma secretase inhibitors, olaparib & xenograph models (The researcher graciously explained his work.) .Later in the day I attended the Poster Discussion sessions in which the posters are reviewed.

In the evening I attended the Focus on Research dinner. I attended ASCO last year as a Focus on Research Scholar and was pleased to be invited to this year's dinner. I met two more ovarian cancer survivors and was able to chat with this year scholars.
Every Day is a Blessing!

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