Friday, October 30, 2020

Catching Up On All Things Advocacy

Well, were did the time go? It is over a month since my last blog post. I'm OK and plugging along.

It appears that being home most of the time - trying to reduce my risk of COVID -19 has not meant  less advocacy work. In fact,  I think that I am busier than normal. I had to turn down two projects for November and December so I don't fall behind in projects I have already committed to. 

I had a pretty good September which is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. I formed a team to walk for the Kaleidoscope Of Hope Ovarian Cancer Foundation and raise funds for ovarian cancer research, virtually of course. My daughter and niece, joined me as members of team Quarantine Fifteen. I chose that name because I celebrated 15 years as an ovarian cancer survivor this year and 2020 is the year of the COVID-19 quarantine. We raised over $500. I walked my 5K with two other survivors at a park in Allentown, NJ. How I wish we could have been on the boardwalk in Bradley Beach looking out at the ocean.Hoping next year will have us back at the Jersey Shore.

For the first time ever, I was able to attend the OCRA Ovarian Cancer Conference (Sept 29-Oct 2). It was virtual this year due to COVID-19 but I still had a great time and learned new information.  I was so excited to spend some time with my survivor friends. A group of us - many who had been ACOR listserve users - all met one morning of the conference in the virtual lobby to catch up and present the Big Girl Panty award.  

Here are three examples of the excellent presentations from the Conference.

Learning about rare ovarian cancer from Dr  Gershenson

Learning about PARP inhibitors from Dr . Matulonis

Racial Disparities in Ovarian Cancer with Dr Khabele

On October 16th I took part in the online celebration of the Cure Ovarian Cancer Heroes Award. I was so excited to celebrate with two advocates I have know for a number of years and a researcher I had met at the ASCO Annual Meeting.

 Congratulations, Andrea, Robin and Dr Deb.

 I rounded out October with two Scientific Review Board meetings, an ASCO Clinical Practice Guideline Committee meeting, a Cancer Community Advocacy Board , a planning meeting for a great November 11th #gyncsm chat on PARP inhibitors and an invitation ( which I accepted) to be on the advisory board of an NCI trial on understanding and reducing racial  disparities in ovarian cancer treatment and survival.  

Over the past few months I have become pretty adept at taking part in discussions on WebX platforms as well as Zoom but I really would love to be able to give some in-person hugs.

Stay well and enjoy the color of the world around you.


Every Day is a blessing!