Monday, May 24, 2021

Two Months of Activities and Looking Ahead

Well, where did the last two months go?  I am not sure.  But when I looked at the calendar and it said, May 24th, I thought I really should post to my blog . It has been way too long. 

I was involved in many personal activities as a member of my homeowners association board. It is not an easy process to open a 55+ community pool in NJ in the time of Covid but we are working on it. I also spent lots of time and a few vet visits taking care of my dog. She had a growth removed but is recovering nicely.


And on a personal level, I had my second Covid vaccine. HURRAH! And I also I dealt with an ear infection. Yes, adults can still get ear infections.

On the advocacy front, I was so happy to take part in the 40th Anniversary of Cancer Hope Network. They provide one-on-one support for cancer patients and caregivers. I trained as a support volunteer with them in 2007. When I was first diagnosed I spoke to a volunteer. She gave me hope that I could make it to five years. Since then I have had over 50 matches with women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancers or others considering clinical trials.

I also took part in the COSMO (The Collaboration for Outcomes using Social Media in Oncology) Conference. I was part of the The  Patient Engagement in Social Media:When the Doctor is No Longer the Expert panel. It was wonderful speaking about the #gyncsm  cancer community along Tamika Felder, Patricia Anderson, John Novack and Janet Freeman-Daily leaders of other online patient communities and social media leaders. I enjoyed two days interacting with and hearing from cancer Social Media experts like Drs Dizon, Lewis, Durma, Drake, Miller , Painter and others.

You can follow COSMO on Twitter at @COSMONC or the hashtag #COSMOnc

On May 12th the #gyncsm community spoke about  Recurrence Secondary Cancer and other Diseases. Check out the highlights on our blog at

I am looking forward to  #ASCO21 and hope to highlight the great gyn cancer and disparity research being done. Join me and follow the #gyncsm and #ASCO21 hashtags.



Every Day is a Blessing!