Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I Took a Break

September,  Ovarian Cancer Awareness month is a very emotionally and physically draining month for me. I spend a good deal of time thinking about and talking about ovarian cancer - symptoms, treatments, statistics. I posted to this blog every day as well as shared information from other organizations  in daily promotions on Facebook and Twitter. I attended fundraising walks and other events to raise funds for ovarian cancer research.

In the middle of the month I had an appointment with my gyn onc for my 6 month check-up. I also had a CT scan since my CA-125 has been creeping. I dealt with so many emotions including the fear I might have recurred. The exam and CT report were good so I am set for 6 more months.

But during this month of ovarian cancer, I remembered. I remembered women who became my friends over the past 12 years who have died because of this disease - like Janice, Carol, Jane, Sherry and the list goes on. It made me angry and sad.

I know that when that happens I need to take a break. And that is what I did. I stepped away and concentrated on family ( visits with kids and grandsons)  and other non-cancer things such as beginning work on two paintings. I recharged my batteries to begin my advocacy work again.

And then last week,  I got this in the mail !

As a Patient Advocate Member of ASCO I was chosen as a 2016 Advocacy Champion - Speaker's Club for legislative advocacy work ( e-mails , tweets and blog posts)  that I did for ASCO on cancer research and funding issues in 2016. I don't do what I do to be recognized but it felt good to be appreciated.

If you are a patient advocate you should consider joining ASCO. You will be able to network with the top oncologists in the world and stay on top of the latest research in precision medicine.  Check out this membership page for more information

I'll be posting more ovarian cancer research news in a few days.

Every Day is a Blessing!