Monday, June 18, 2012

U Penn and Tumor Storage

At the ASCO meeting there was a discussion about patients storing tumor samples. A week or so ago another ovarian cancer survivor passed on this information about U Penn and Tumor Storage. U Penn has been at the forefront of  developing vaccines for patients using their own tumor tissue so this partnership makes sense.

In the context of our efforts to develop autologous vaccine trials using patients' own tumor, we have partnered with a service company which works for patients to acquire, process, and bank their tumors in several formats so they can have multiple therapeutic options in the future. 

StoreMyTumor is an independent entity which only works with the patients allowing them to have full control over their tumor tissue. This offers patients several options of utilization of their tumors, from storage, to molecular and chemotherapy analysis, and personalized vaccines."

Every Day is a Blessing?

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