Friday, March 25, 2022

SGO 2022 Annual Meeting - Disparities and Equity Research Across Gyn Cancers

The #BreakingBarriers and #BuildingBridges theme of this year's meeting was evident in the presentations on equity and disparities.

Breaking Barriers : Toward Greater Equity in Gyn Oncology Care : Scientific Plenary I


Black and Hispanic Patient Representation in NCCN-Recommended Systemic Therapy Regimens for Endometrial Cancer – A. Kulkarni



Effect of Racism on Cancer Care in Women with Gynecologic Cancers – Speaker: D. Lewis


Neighborhood Economic Vulnerability is a Predictor for Patterns of Care and Outcomes for People with Uterine CancerNeighborhood economic vulnerability is a predictor for patterns of care and outcomes for people with uterine cancer


Overspending Driven by Dose-Specific Packaging of Lenvatinib for Endometrial Cancer – E. Aviki Financial toxicity of drug packaging for endometrial cancer. 

Distillation Dr Doll “Health equity research requires scientific rigor”



Do U.S. Screening Guidelines Contribute to Higher Stage and Worse Survival in our Youngest and Oldest Cervical Cancer Patients? C. Sitler



Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Postoperative Mortality in Women with Gynecologic Cancer: A Difference-in-Difference Analysis – Speaker: S. Huepenbecker



Health Equity is the Bullseye of the Quadruple Aim: A Social and Moral Imperative – ABOG Speaker: J. Nwando Olayiwola, MD, MPH, FAAFP


Focused Plenary Session III: Inequities during the Pandemic and Beyond 

Refusal of Gynecologic Cancer Surgery is a Surgical and Oncologic Disparity, Not an Issue of Noncompliance – Speaker: D. Samuel


 Socio-Ecological Model of Barriers to Cascade Testing for Hereditary Cancer Syndromes: Systematic Review of the Literature – Speaker: X. Li


 Geospatial Approaches for Surveillance of Disparities in Clinical Trial Enrollment – Speaker: J. Gordon



When Being Insured is Not Enough: The Effect of Insurance Type on Survival in Cervical Cancer – Speaker: C. Kucera



Race Matters: Disparities in the Use of Maintenance Therapy in Ovarian Cancer (OC) – Speaker: E. Schrader

Thank you Drs Westin, Chino, Ma, Stevens, and Sitler for tweeting their the insights.



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