Tuesday, June 5, 2018

#ASCO18 Twitter Highlights June 4, 2018

Many gyn cancer research topics as well as survivorship issue  were covered on Monday at the ASCO Annual Meeting.

If you were at the meeting and think I missed any important developments please share a link to it in my comments section below.

Genetics / Genetics Counseling

Risk Reducing Surgery


Endometriosis and Cannibis Treatment


Patient Reported Outcomes- Pain
Enodmetrial Cancer- Posters

Ovarian Cancer - Posters

Fertility Preservation

Metformin in Cancer Treatment


Palliative Care

Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy - OC

 Further details may be found at 

Cediranib and Olaparib for recurrent OC
Further info may be found at

Thank you to all the researchers , advocates, and cancer centers who tweeted from this year's Annual Meeting.

Every Day is a Blessing!


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Beth L. Gainer said...

Thank you for providing a wealth of useful information. You are an awesome advocate and have helped people by sharing what you learned at ASCO.