Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Carry on ... Breathing" ( With a British Accent)

That is is the recording that I hear when the CT machine at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital(RWJUH) is finished. Today I went for a CT scan ( chest, abdomen, pelvic) . I go every 6 months. I once again had my port accessed at CINJ, my CT scan and then my port flushed at RWJUH in record time . Thanks to Fanina, Victoria and Dennis.

Now comes the tough part waiting to hear the results.

Also over the past few days we have taken down all the Teal Ribbons that we put up in the beginning of September. It was a bit sad seeing them go down but I know we will see even more of them next September.

Every Day is a Blessing.


Brian Dowd said...

OK, Dee...I have toi admit I have been thinking of you non-stop. How were the test results?

Dee said...

No word yet. I was told that the report takes two days and I know the doctors normally meet MOnday mornings to discuss patients results, etc. so I am figuring to hear after that.
Will keep you posted.
And thanks for thinking of me.