Saturday, January 16, 2021

It's All About Waiting

My journey with cancer has included a lot of waiting. 


I waited to have CT scans. I waited for CT results. I waited for CA-125 results. Twice, I waited to have chemotherapy when my platelets were low. I waited to have my port flushed. I waited to see my gyn onc. I waited for my genetic test results.You would think by now I should be an expert at waiting. 


I am not. 


Ever since they mentioned a vaccine for COVID-19 was being developed I have been waiting. I learned as much as I could about mRNA vaccines.


In December, I filled out a screening questionnaire to be in a clinical trial for a COVID vaccine. I've participated in clinical trials before, so I felt comfortable going that route. I waited six days and received an email saying that all the trial slots were filled. 


Back to waiting. 


When NJ opened a site to pre-register for the vaccine. I signed up within 24 hours of the site going live. But so did over 450,000 others based on the governor's Tweet. On January 14th, my state opened up vaccine eligibility for those over the age of 65, that would be me. Hurrah ! I was now eligible for an appointment for the vaccine. I had an anaphylactic response to a chemotherapy drug I was given. So, I wanted to go to a location capable of treating me if I had a reaction or one not far from a hospital. 


As disappointed as I was being unable to schedule a shot, I thought about what I had read on  NJ has been receiving 100,000 vaccines per week.


Today, I registered for an appointment to receive the vaccine through the health care system affiliated with my cancer center. No appointments available at this time but I am in the queue.  I am hopeful that by Spring I will get the vaccine.


In the meantime, I'll continue to wait, wear a mask, wash my hands and social distance.


Updated 2022  : I was able to get a vaccination in February 2021 , March 2021 and a booster in September 2021.


Every Day is a Blessing! Even if I am waiting. 

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