Friday, September 8, 2017

Day 8 A Month of Teal -Types of Ovarian Cancer Tumors

I never realized until the end of my treatment that there were different types of ovarian cancer (OC) tumors. My tumor type,  epithelial ovarian cancer is the most common at 95%.

Epithelial OC tumors come from the surface of the ovary. There are 5 subtypes of epithelial OC.
high grade Serous 70%
mucinous 3%
clear cell 10%
endometrioid 10%
low grade serous < 5%

Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer forms in the egg cells of the ovary.
Teratoma - Mature cystic terotoma, Immature teratoma
Mondermal teratoma
yolk sac tumor
embryomal carcinoma
Sex Cord Stromal forms in the sex cord/ ovarian follicles
granulosa cell
Fibroma / Fibrsarcoma
Sclerosing stromal
To learn more please visit these sources:  
Pathology and claissification of ovarian tumors 
New Insights into Ovarian Cancer Pathology
John Hopkins Pathology website 

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