Friday, July 28, 2017

XII years

When I attended the Cancer Support Community of Central New Jersey's Wings of Hope event in June, I spent some time at the table for cancer survivors. There is a Japanese tradition that 1000 cranes will bring you luck. So survivors were able to string together origami cranes to celebrate our years of survivorship. I stood that day in a light rain stringing together my cranes.


Tomorrow (July 29, 2017) will mark the 12th anniversary of waking up from surgery and hearing,"You have Stage 3B Ovarian Cancer."

It is still hard for me to believe it has been that long.  When I was first diagnosed, even though I was told to not read the survival statistics, I did. I wasn't so sure I would make 5 years (30%).

When I recurred in 2008 I thought for sure I would never rid my body of the cancer. Yet, I did, due to the skills of the  amazing surgeons, gynecologic oncologists and nurses at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the love and support of family and friends and other reasons I don't know. 

I am especially grateful for my husband, my children and their spouses, my grandsons and countless family and friends for their love and support these past twelve years. You have provided me with the best memories anyone could ask for. Thank you all.

Looking forward to blogging about my "cancerversary" for many years to come. 

Every day is a Blessing! 


Karen Herrmann said...

Congrats on your cancerversary...I know what you mean about not being sure how long you might have, especially when it's a number like less than 5 years. 2010 was my year for ovc. I've been totally off chemo groom recurrence in 2014 for exactly a year and my CA125 is 5. I hope you (and I) will recognize many more years

Dee said...

Thanks you Karen for your kind words. I wish for you many more years too.

Anonymous said...

I've also been a patient at CINJ /Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick since March 2008 ! Diagnosed in Feb. 2008, OC- Stage 3c- had some recurrences / extra chemo treatments .. but I'm still HERE ��

Dee said...

Thanks for your comment. I am so glad you are "still here" and may you have many more years.

cristina said...

Congratulations! Celebrating you! July 14, 2017 I was 4 years NED with Peritoneal Ovarian 3C.

Annamarie said...

Your story is particularly important because you SURVIVED A RECURRENCE. So many women recur, and it is so HOPEFUL to know you can survive this. Hugs and congratulations to you AND your family, Dee! ~ Annamarie

Dee said...

Cristina Congratulations! the #gyncsm community is having a chat Aug 9th 9pmET on Primary peritoneal cancer. Would love to have you join us!

Annamarie - Thanks for your kind words.