Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm Grateful For ...

Yesterday, I read a post in the ASCO Connection blog written by friend and #gyncsm chat Health Care Moderator,  Dr. Don Dizon. Dr. Dizon is a gynecologic oncologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. His blog post is titled Being Grateful. In the post, he states "if anything were to happen to me tomorrow, would there be a record of what I was grateful for" and then he went on to list all those things he was grateful for in 2014. At the end of the post Dr Dizon writes, "I encourage each of us to take a moment and reflect on the year each of us had, and to think of what it is we are grateful for. "

After reading that last paragraph I knew exactly what my next blog post would be about as we end the year. Here is what I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my husband of 36 years, who this year as in the past nine, has continued to provide love and support my efforts as a cancer advocate.

I am grateful for my children, their spouses and spouses-to-be and my grandchildren. They have brought me much joy this year even though they live thousands of miles away. Congratulations A on completing your Masters Degree and M for passing your comprehensive exams on your way to your PhD, and A on your new job. JT and TJ I love google chatting with you but love it better when we can visit.

I am grateful for family members who have gathered with me for lunch, listened to me, offered advice and gone shopping we me.

I am grateful for my friends both those I have had for 30+ years and the new friends I made at MedX in September this year.

I am grateful for Christina, my co-moderator and  co-founder  and the wonderful Health Care Moderators of the #gyncsm community. With their chat and medical expertise we have been able to share helpful information with women diagnosed with gynecologic cancers, their caregivers and healthcare providers to others.

I am grateful for my gynecologic oncologists who continue to treat patients with care and compassion while conducting research to find better ways to treat women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

I am grateful for my agility instructors.With their expert instructions, help and advice, I have had a wonderful first year at agility competitions.

I am grateful for my dog Amber. She has been a fun companion as we completed the requirements for novice and open Jumps With Weaves titles.

Yes, Dr Dizon this was a very easy list to compile.

I challenge my blogger  friends to post their very own I'm grateful list.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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