Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gifts for Survivors

Seems like my mind is still on the Holidays so I'm going to continue on the topic.

First- hop on over to the HuffPost Healthy Living post titled Lori Hope: The Best and Worst Holiday Gifts for People with Cancer. Lori is a cancer survivor, and author of Help Me Live: 20 Things People with Cancer Want You To Know. She has put together two good lists. Personally, I wouldn't be adverse to a subscription to a current events magazine. When I was in treatment I had a hard time concentrating on an entire book. I ended up rereading too many pages in the infusion room, so instead I brought magazines and then shared them with other patients. Plus, getting a full year subscription would make me feel good that you thought I would last the year. Of course something like People Magazine might also make me laugh a bit.

Dee's Worst Gift List ( in addition to Lori's)
1. Fragrant candles or reed diffusers- check with the survivor's caregiver before purchasing. When I was in treatment some fragrances would make me nauseous. Really not the effect you want your gift to have.

Dee's Best Gift List ( in addition to Lori's)
1. I-Pod or I-Tunes gift card ~ I loved listening to my I-Pod shuffle while in treatment. It helped to drown out all those beeps and bells from the instruments. The I-Pod Shuffles are relatively inexpensive.

2. Warm V-necked shirts ~ I have a port-a-cath so v-neck shirts help the nurses easily gain access to my port.

3. Pretty Shawl ~ I was always chilly in the treatment room and if you have an IV in your arm, wearing a sweater is difficult. My church offers Prayer Shawls to patients. I received one when I was in treatment and still use it.

4. An Experience Gift Card- I would rather experience something than have another gift under the tree. Experiences could range from dinner out with friends, a trip to a museum, a day at the spa, a day at the outlet mall ( who doesn't like shopping) , a day at the beach/lake ( I know winter is on its way but just sitting in the sun and watching the ocean is very calming to me.)

If you have any additional suggestions leave me a comment.

Happy Gift Giving!

Every Day is a Blessing!

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