Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Practicing for the LiveStrong Challenge

It has finally gotten a bit cooler with a nice breeze here in NJ. So when my friend asked me to meet her for lunch in New Brunswick today I jumped at the opportunity. Nick dropped me off in New Brunswick. We had a fun lunch at Old Man Rafferty's and were able to share all the great things the two of us have been up to since we last got together in May. I wore my comfy shoes so after lunch I walked home. This was not the first time I walked home - I had done it a few times last fall from CINJ.

I walked up Albany Street , across the Albany Street Bridge and saw two men on the Raritan River on Jet Skis . Can't say the last time I saw Jet Skis on the old Raritan- Rutger's crew shells -yes but not Jet Skis. I window shopped in Highland Park and then headed down North 8th toward home.

When I got home I checked the distance on Google Maps and saw that I walked 2.5 miles back from the restaurant. All that in under an hour at what I considered a leisurely pace. So I should be ready for the 5K walk in Philly on August 24th.

I'm looking forward to it!

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