Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LiveStrong Summit- Day 4- Closing Ceremony

Sunday was another sunny day. We checked out of our hotel, dropped our bags off at Weigel Hall and went to breakfast under the tent outside of Mershon. The final session began with the Track recognition awards. The winning commercial from each track was played and they were awesome. I am biased but I think our pink track was the loudest!

The closing session was a panel discussion with Dr Bernadine Healy, Dr Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Gordon Gee. Sadly, Dr Gee lost his son-in-law in an accident in PA during the Summit. He shared with us a moving description of how his son-in-law died in a "magnificent way". ( My condolences to the Gee family.)

As the event ended and the lights came on after survivors spoke on stage I felt sad. Sad to leave my friends from the 2006 summit. Sad thinking about Holly ( Cape Cod) who was at my table in 2006 and was no longer with us. Sad that Dr Pausch had died. Sad to have to say goodbye to my new friends.

Working to make Cancer a National Priority!

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Julie said...

Dee - Thanks for the post on my blog. I, too, was sad to leave the Summit. It was my first one, and I was THRILLED to meet so many survivors in one place fighting for the same thing. As Lance Armstrong said that last morning, "WE WILL NOT LOSE." And, we won't. (I was the girl that yelled, "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!" from the front row.) I was in the Fundraising 2 Blue track, and loved it. Thanks for all that you are doing. One of the girls in my track just finished her treatments for ovarian cancer, and is heading to the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge! LIVESTRONG!!!