Monday, July 28, 2008

LiveStrong Summit- Day 3 Stephanie Spelman and the Zoo

Our Saturday morning started with a keynote speech by Stephanie Spielman , wife of Chris Spielman NFL linebacker. She spoke of her battle with breast cancer and how she started her foundation and raised $1 million in 6 months.

During the morning session our advocacy tract learned how to approach leaders, recruit others to our cause and how to use persuasion tactics. We were asked to write a an "elevator "speech to persuade an elected official to make cancer a national priority. Jorges gave an incredible speech linking cancer as a priority to the Declaration of Independence. We were also asked to write a letter to our senators to support the Access to Clinical Trial Act.

For the afternoon we learned about vote counts and how to identify talking points when speaking to elected officials. Then it was simulation time. Each person in our group was asked to speak to a senator about supporting a bill to increase funding for cancer. I had to speak to Senator"St. John". We did not know how our senator would respond and we only had 3 minutes to make our point. I happened to get the toughest senator - she basically told me "No" . So politely I left her my hand made business card and thanked her for seeing me.

As other groups were finishing up Kevin and I walked a few blocks and visited the Ohio football stadium. Now that is one large place. I thought the Lane stadium was large but this one is even larger.

We returned to our track's meeting in time for the awards ceremony. My pink moose group won the Unity award. As we headed toward the buses we met Linda Armstrong, Lance's mother. She is a very nice woman who posed for photos and chatted with us.

After a 30 minute bus ride we arrived at the Columbus Zoo directed by Jack Hanna. We had dinner and then were given tickets to the zoo which was open until 9 that night. I saw the tiger, red pandas, penguins, manatee , elephants , rhino but was sad that the koala was all curled up in the tree asleep for the night.


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