Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Week till the LiveSTRONG Summit

So how do you like that logo???It is my new Central Jersey LiveStrong Army logo. Thanks to Aschley from LAF for sending it my way.

I am really getting psyched about attending this year's LiveSTRONG Summit in Ohio. I can't wait to meet up with some old friends from the Austin Summit and of course meet some new survivors and caregivers too. I will miss Kendal and Dianne, two other OC survivors from the first Summit ,who can't attend this one due to work and family commitments.

Since I am a LiveSTRONG Army Leader - I will be volunteering to staff one of the info tables. We also get to meet each other - face to facae- at a dinner Friday night. But I also need to catch up with Courtney and Chrissy and Kevin that night too. Busy times.

A big Hello to Ken Youner- Northern NJ Army Leader and fellow LiveStrong Day 2007 delegate.

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