Monday, July 28, 2008

LiveStrong Summit- Day 1, Part I Arriving in Columbus

Kevin and I flew out to Columbus and checked into the Hyatt Capital Square. The hotel was right across the street from the Ohio Statehouse. Since we were able to check in to our room early and it was too early to register we had time to just walk around the city. We literally walked completely around the Statehouse. What an interesting building. This photo is the dome at the Statehouse

On this walk we saw the John McCain bus outside the Renaissance Hotel. We took some photos by the bus and one of the secret servicemen that the Senator would be leaving soon if we wanted to see him. I thought if I got a chance to shake hands I could tell him I was an OC survivor and that I wanted him to support increased funds for cancer research. As it got closer to when the Senator was to leave the hotel Columbus police pushed us back to the end of the block. As we waited there, we met Michele from Massachusetts who was also a delegate. Senator McCain left the building and went directly to his bus. I've got a few photos of him in the distance. Never did get to ask for his support.

Then it was off to register inside the Statehouse. We picked up our goody bag and our t-shirts for the Town Hall meeting as well as our name tag and info about Columbus. I was able to introduce Kevin to Brian, Dave, and Ron. We met up again with Michele and decided to have a bite to eat at a local pizza restaurant.


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