Monday, July 28, 2008

LiveStrong Summit- Day 1, Part III Town Hall

Back at the hotel I changed into my "Vote Yellow" t-shirt and met Kevin for the short walk overto the statehouse for the opening reception. We met Bob K and his mom and Matt Z and a few other's whose names I don't remember.

Around 5:15 we got on the bus that took us to Mershon Hall for the Town Hall meeting.

We were told not to bring cameras or cell phones to the event. Security was high for the presidential candidate. We handed all items in our pockets and our pocketbooks to the police to be inspected then walked through a security machine just like at the airport.

We were there pretty early and we got excellent seats in the 6th row on the left. Paula Zahn moderated the event and both she and Lance Armstrong asked questions of the candidate.( Sen Obama was in Europe and unable to attend.) Not only were Summit delegates in the audience but also Ohio government officials, OSU administration and local cancer researchers( like Dr. Kupps who I visited earlier in the day). On the stage with the candidate were some of our more active LAF volunteers with questions of there own to ask( Check out for more info and photos of the event.) Ron from New Hampshire was actually able to ask his question.

In a nutshell Senator McCain said he would reverse the trend of cutting (or keeping level) support of NCI, NIH and the CDC. Too bad there wasn't more time for the delegates to ask their questions.

We went back to our hotel and had a bite to eat in Darbys and got ready for a busy first day of the conference.


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