Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LiveStrong Summit 2008- OSU Stadium and Heading home

We took lots of photos at the end of the Summit by the stage and out in the lobby. Since our plane did not leave until 5:20pm a few of us decided to leave our bags put and walked over to the stadium for the second time. This time we were able to view the field. The stadium looked even bigger from the inside. We returned to pickup our bags , got on the bus and headed out to the airport.

On our arrival we learned that most flights were canceled. They were having some strong lightning strikes and high winds in the Newark area. Our Continental flight was not even listed on the sign at that point. So we had a bite to eat and headed to the gate. Sure enough we get there and are told the flight is delayed. Our plane was in Boston and scheduled to go to Newark before it got to Columbus. The delay actually brought together some other NJ LiveStrong delegates that we had not met before. At 6:30 they announced that they were putting a plane that was in Newark into service for our leg of the trip. We headed on the plane around 10 and got to Newark around 11:30. The ride was a bit bumpy but we had one of the best landings I've ever had. It was good to be home and share with my husband the great things we did at the Summit.


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Ellie Mroz said...

Hi Dee!
It's Ellie - the recent Hodgkin's survivor. We met in the Columbus airport as we were waiting for our flight to Newark. I would have loved to chat more, but I was so exhausted!
Glad to hear you made it home okay. I ended up taking the next day off from work to recoup. I'm still reeling from all the new information I learned and fabulous people I got to meet. Hope we can stay in touch and I can learn from you as my organization starts to take form.
All the best, Ellie Mroz