Monday, July 28, 2008

LiveStrong Summit- Day 1, Part II Visiting an Ovarian Cancer Research Lab at OSU

With a few hours until the Town Hall, I called Dr. Selva Karuppaiyah a researcher supported this year by a Kaleidoscope of Hope Grant. He graciously invited me to visit his lab.

His mentor and Ovarian Cancer researcher, Dr. Kuppusamy picked me up at the hotel and brought me to his lab in the Tzagournis Medical Research Facility on the OSU campus. I had a wonderful and informative visit. Selva told me about the good results he was having with his research on drugs that will prevent the STAT3 protein from signaling the cancer cell to reproduce. I met the undergraduate who was helping him this summer and learned about how drugs tested in Selva's lab are being tested on mice. I learned about research on using oxygen to make cancer cells more receptive to anticancer drugs. The engineer who works with the research group was eager to show me the hyperbaric oxygen chamber that holds the mice for that segment of the testing protocol. I also saw a machine in use that allows scientists to accurately measure cancer cell growth in live animals.

I felt very proud to know that KOH funding is helping support this cutting edge research!Thank you Dr. Selva , Dr Kupps and all your researchers and support staff.


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