Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting that Blood pressure in Check

Last Thursday I woke up feeling terrible, nauseous,dizzy, headache, tired - just plain icky. I took my temperature- normal then my blood pressure. Now that one was very high- both systolic and diastolic. Of course the first people I call are the nurses at CINJ, who directed me to call my PCP since he prescribed my blood pressure meds and if he can't see me to call back.

My PCP said to come right in. His nurse and he both confirmed the high pressure and he asked what I was doing different. I thought about this and realized that I was taking a new batch of blood pressure meds- actually a new and different generic brand of my blood pressure meds. My PCP called the mail order company ( which shall remain nameless) which filled the order and spoke to a customer service person- no pharmacist was available - about my prescription. The customer service person insisted that it was filled correctly and when my PCP asked to have them ship me the other generic that I had been taking for 6 months they said "No , We don't carry it any more." And that was that. Thinking that my body was not using the generic drug as it had the previous generic my doctor gave me another prescription for the brand name drug and told me to see him the next week.

Off I went to my local Pathmark pharmacy and the very understanding pharmacist there called the insurance company and got approval to fill another prescription. I came home with the brand name drug and started taking it.

Guess what happened - my pressure came down and I started feeling better. I went to see my PCP this morning and my pressure was back to where it should me . Hurrah!

All I kept thinking through all this was that I have the Lance Armstrong Summit to go to and I don't want anything to get in the way of my trip to Ohio.

Soon to be LivingStrong in Ohio....


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