Thursday, September 6, 2012

OC Awareness Month #6 - The Numbers

R estimated number of new cases of ovarian cancer in 2012:


The estimated number of deaths due to ovarian cancer in 2012:


National source:

The estimated number of women diagnosed each year in NJ with ovarian cancer:


The estimated number of women who will die in NJ due to ovarian cancer is :


NJ sources

Relative five-year survival rates ( the number of women who live at least  5 years after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer compared to others the same age who do not have cancer)
Stage I  89%
Stage II 66%
Stage III 35%
Stage IV 18%

Source :

There are not as many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer as are diagnosed with  breast cancer but that does not mean we should not advocate to find a cure, to continue to develop a detection/ screening  test and to support research to develop better treatments for this disease.

Every Day is a Blessing

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