Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OC Awareness #11- Task Force Recommendation

Just yesterday the US Preventative Services Task Force released its recommendation regarding ovarian cancer screening in the general population.

The recommendation is for adult women and does not apply to women who are at risk for the disease ( genetic mutation) or women already diagnosed with the disease.

"The Task force recommends against screening women for the disease. "

This recommendation was made because screening using CA-125 and ultrasound did not have any benefit (reduce mortality)  and if fact those tests could lead to harm (unnecessary surgery) .

The task forced used three large trials( including the Prostate, Lung and  Ovarian Cancer Screening Study) to reach their conclusion . A discussion of the test can be found on the USPSTF website here and the consumer fact sheet ( pdf)  can be found on their website.

Here is a good article to read for a very complete explanation of the studies behind the recommendation.

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