Thursday, April 30, 2009

It 's those little things....

Once again rabbits built a nest in our backyard.We didn't see them for a few days and I was worried they had abandoned the nest. But as you can see from the photo above they are back.

Then as I was watching the rabbits - out from under the large rock in our garden came a chipmunk. Check out the little guy on the edge of the grass. Being the Disney fan that I am all I could think of was Chip and Dale.

So in addition to the deer who use our property to travel back and forth to the green acres across the street from our home, we have a bunny family and chipmunks. Who needs the National Geographic Channel. I can just look out my window.

See it is those little things that make life grand!

Every Day is a Blessing!


Ashley ~ said...

You are blessed*! I LOVE your bunnies*!!! _Ashley*

l'optimiste said...

love that Chipmunk! what fun in your garden - yes, life is grand isn't it? :o)