Friday, April 3, 2009

Catching up with my Primary Care Physician

Yesterday, I had a great phone conversation with my personal care physician, Dr Jim. I had faxed him the day before to update him on my treatments and blood results and he personally called me back to chat.

I've heard many folks talk about the communication or lack there of between their primary care physician ( PP) and their oncologist. Maybe we shouldn't rely on the docotors to communicate with each other but rather why don't we be the conduit of information. I have tried to keep my PP in the loop as much as possible and that has made a big difference.

When I was first diagnosed in 2005 and had surgery , my primary care doctors ,who were all internists, stopped by the hospital and answered lots of my questions. They offered advice on recovering from my hysterectomy. I knew I was in the very capable hands of my gyn-oncs but I didn't want to loose touch with the doctors I had seen for over 10 years. So while I was on chemo I would fax my PP every two or three chemo cycles to let them know how I was doing.

When I finished my chemo in 2006 and started seeing my gyn-oncs every 3 - 6 months I again started my routine exams with my PP. They were on top of my past cancer history, what drugs I was taking and my other health concerns - from allergies to aches and pains from over exercising. ( The exercise complaints didn't happen too often.)

When I learned in October that I had recurred, Dr Jim was more than happy to talk to my husband and I about these new developments.

So when I finish chemo in a few weeks Dr Jim will see the entire ME - he will know where I 've been and what he can do to help me in the future.

So my advice is to keep those communication lines open between you and your PP. Send them a fax or write them a letter.

Best part is that Dr Jim is a Hokie Fan!

Every Day is a Blessing.

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