Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You Never Know

I have been going to the same hairstylist for close to 20 years. I love how she cuts my hair and I enjoy our conversations every 6 weeks or so.

We have been through a lot together.

When I was first diagnosed we talked and I asked her to cut my shoulder length hair very short.  I remember as her eyes teared up a she cut it and she gave me a big hug when I left the salon. I was back about a year later for her to trim the curly fuzz that had appeared on my head. She didn't charge me for the trim or for the next 2 trims. 

She styled my daughter's hair for her wedding. And a few months later, when I recurred, she was cutting my hair short again. This was around the time her mother had a stroke. We talked about her rehab and how they made her parent's home better suited for a wheel chair. I would always ask how her mom was doing. I loved hearing about how her mom attended family weddings and took an occasional trip to the shore or Atlantic City.   I was sad when I learned her mom had passed.

I went to the salon the other day for a hair cut. It was our usual conversation catching up on how my daughter and grandsons are doing.  Then she stopped and said " My Aunt had a hysterectomy last week." She paused and went on to say " She learned yesterday she has stage 3 ovarian cancer - there was cancer in her lymph nodes". She said her aunt was scared and I said I know that weak in the knee feeling.  Then I told her I was stage 3 too. She then said to me "it's been about 5 years for you right?" When I said 10 years in July she looked up at me in the mirror and I could see her eyes tear up. She said "I can't wait to tell my Aunt".

As I got up from the chair I reached for my bag and gave her my card with my e-mail and phone number on it. I  told her to have her Aunt call or e-mail me if she has any questions or if she just wants to talk.

You never  know when you will hear of another woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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