Friday, September 11, 2015

Ovarian Cancer Treatment: Surgery

There are a number of treatments for ovarian cancer including surgery, chemotherapy and targeted therapies. The next few days posts will focus on each type of treatment.

The stage and grade will help determine how your ovarian cancer will be treated.


Surgery is the main treatment for ovarian cancer . Studies have found that women whose surgery is completed by a gynecologic oncologist will have better outcomes.( Studies have also found that survival increases when the gynecologic oncologist is able to remove all of the visible disease.

Depending on the extent of the disease  the gynecologic oncologist will remove the uterus ( hysterectomy), one or both ovaries and fallopian tubes ( Salpingo-oopherectomy) ,and fatty tissue in the pelvis( oomentum) as well as lymph nodes. ( Please see for an image of  the organs that may be removed.) You may hear the term debulking surgery . This is the term used for the removal of as much tumor as possible.

Most women will have surgery before chemotherapy but in the case of advanced disease at diagnosis (Stage 3C,  Stage 4) women may be offered chemotherapy ( neoadjuvant) first and then surgery after 3-4 chemotherapy treatments.

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I feel very fortunate that I am living in the era of always advancing technology. All these critical surgeries and have become so easier in present time. Great article.