Sunday, September 27, 2015

Awareness Campaigns

There are many local and national organizations that are helping to raise awareness this month and every month. Here are some examples.


Share this poster as a way to raise awareness. 
Go to the website ( , print out the poster and share it.

Turn The Towns Teal®

Hanging teal ribbons on trees and post signs in towns across this country. 
Photo from Turn the Towns Teal website.
I love seeing ribbons as I drive around NJ. Check out their website for more information and put it on your calendar as something to do next year!

In support of Turn The Towns Teal® , Folonari wine and Frederick Wildman and Sons will donate $10,000 to Turn The Towns Teal® for the first 10,000 selfies of people wearing teal on social media that are tagged with #turnmyselfieteal  . See for more information. 

Teal Toes

This campaign in which women ( and some men and even pets) paint their toe nails TEAL was founded by Carey Elizabeth Fitzmaurice (1968- 20015).  It is the perfect way to start a conversation about ovarian cancer. I've painted my toes TEAL every September since hearing about it.

Do you know of other unique or fun ways to raise awareness of a gynecologic cancer?
Please let me know and I will add to this page.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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