Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What You Need to Know About The CA-125 Test

Women who have ovarian cancer or are suspected of having ovarian cancer will usually have their blood tested for CA-125. CA-125 ( cancer antigen 125) is a protein that is produced on the surface of cells and can be measured in teh blood. You may also hear CA-125 be called a tumor biomarker for ovarian cancer.

The protein is elevated in 80% of the women with advanced disease and 50% of those with early stage cancer ( Source : OCRF) . I wrote about how the test method in this blog post.

The best source I have found explaining the CA-125 test is

Understanding CA-125 Levels: A Guide for Ovarian Cancer Patients

produced by the Foundation for Women's Cancer.

Since my CA-125 was still in the normal range when I recurred my gyn-onc and I look at the trend up in results not necessary the actual number.

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