Thursday, September 17, 2015

Female Cancers World Wide

Thank you Annie Ellis for sharing this image.
Additional worldwide data for cancer may be found at the WHO website:       

Every Day is a Blessing! 


Unknown said...

Thank you for this visual. It is helpful. I was diagnosed with Uterine caner, traveled to my ovaries, then to top of cervix. At first when they saw the x-ray until surgery, they thought t was ovarian cancer. After surgery and pathology, they realized that it originated in the uterus, therefore it is uterine cancer. However, we go through a lot of the same treatments, etc. I just finished 18 rounds of chemo (taxol and carboplatin), 25 rounds of external radiation, and three rounds of internal radiation (oy!) So, just getting my strength back and asking the Lord for a long life. He can certainly do that! I tolerated all of the treatments well.

How are you doing? I just saw this site and have not looked at it completely yet. Just thought I would write!

Tina Hoffman-Karp

Dee said...

Thanks Tina for leaving a comment. I am so glad you were able to get the great care you did and hope you get your strength back quickly.

You might want to check out the #gyncsm ( gyn cancer community social media ) chat and community ( which is a community for all those impacted by a gyn cancer. If you are on twitter you ccan follow @gyncsm. The Twitter chat is the 2nd Wed of the month at 9pm EST. We just did a chat on uterine cancer- you can always read the transcript from the link on the blog page.

Take care