Saturday, June 19, 2010

South Carolina Group Raises Awareness- Bed ,Bath and Beyond!

I have been in contact with Alicia. I met her through the OCNA online support network. She is from South Carolina. My daughter went to USC from grad school and I love the area. She is part of the group Ovarian Cancer for Life ( and Gail's Anatomy. The group has been working hard to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer in SC.

Here is part of what she recently sent me:
"Here's another thing to do ladies, call Bed Bath & Beyond (1-800-462-3966) regarding their tervis tumblers. Here is what is happening locally but why shouldn't it be nationally!!! Start small and dream big. I am in Aiken SC , most of you have seen me on here, I am part of We are the small grass roots group you all speak of that is trying to make a difference in the world of OC awareness. We have a friend who manages the BB&B in Columbia SC , he has been in the works with whomever produces their tervis tumblers to get the teal ribbon and our logo on the tumbler for market during oc awareness month. Yesterday he called us and asked us for our teal ribbon and catch-phrase logos to be sent to him. We are one step closer to making this happen. Storm the doors of corporate headquarters!! Let them know this is something that needs to happen and needs to happen nationally (and not sure during September, but year-round), not just here in Columbia SC."

I'm with Alicia - Let's see how far this effort can go.


Every Day is a Blessing!

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