Monday, June 7, 2010

ASCO News - Ovarian Cancer Trial Results

There has been a pretty steady flow of information from the ASCO meeting citing results from various trials for Ovarian Cancer.

Avastin( Genentech)
Phase III Study showed women with previously untreated Ovarian Cancer lived longer when given Avastin along with chemotherapy drugs.

AMG 386 ( Amgen)
Midstage study results show women receiving AMG 386 with chemotherapy lived longer before progression of the disease than placebo and chemotherapy.

NKTR-102 (Nektar)
Midstage study results show that women receiving NKTR-102 saw a substantial shrinkage in their ovarian cancer tumors and a drop in their CA-125

It is good to see these postitive test results.

Every Day is a Blessing

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