Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sharsheret - Linking Young Jewish Women In their Fight Against Breast Cancer

I generally write about ovarian cancer research, organizations and my journey as a survivor but I received information from a friend about this organization and wanted to share it with all of you.

Genetics For Life: Addressing Hereditary Breast And Ovarian Cancer

Learn about the importance of understanding family medical history as it relates to women's health and the incredible challenges Holocaust survivors and their families face in identifying their cancer history. To register for Sharsheret's national teleconference, "The Impact of the Holocaust on Breast Cancer in Jewish Families Today," Wednesday, July 14th, 8:00 p.m. (EST), email or call (866) 474-2774.

Sharsheret is a national not-for-profit organization supporting young Jewish women and their families, of all Jewish backgrounds, facing breast cancer. Our mission is to offer a community of support to women diagnosed with breast cancer or at increased genetic risk, by fostering culturally-relevant individualized connections with networks of peers, health professionals, and related resources. Sharsheret's free national programs include:

  • Peer Support Network, connecting women newly diagnosed or at high risk of developing breast cancer one-on-one with others who share similar diagnoses and experiences
  • Embrace, supporting women living with advanced breast cancer
  • Genetics for Life, addressing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
  • Busy Box, for parents of young children facing breast cancer
  • Best Face Forward, addressing the cosmetic side effects of treatment
  • Sharsheret Supports, launching and sustaining local support groups
  • Family Focus, providing resources and support for caregivers and family members
  • Health Care Symposia, on issues unique to younger women facing breast cancer
  • Sharsheret on Campus, outreach to students on campus
  • Facing Breast Cancer as a Jewish Woman, educational resource booklet series


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Niecee said...

Thank you for sharing our information with your readers. In addition to our breast cancer programs, we also have a Genetics for Life program which addresses the concerns of women and families at high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. Also, Sharsheret's Ovarian Cancer Program will provide tailored support and resources for young Jewish women and their families touched by ovarian cancer. Please feel free to reach out to me or our Link Program Coordinator, Adina Fleischmann, at 866-474-2774 for further information.
Niecee Schonberger, Coordinator, Genetics for Life Program