Thursday, June 3, 2010


I became an orphan in 1977. My mom passed away when I was very young and my dad passed away right after I graduated college. I was an adult orphan. Yes, I had sisters , married a year after my father died, had two children of my own but all that did not change my status as an orphan.

On Monday, my cousin Ron became an orphan when his Mom, my first cousin Fran, passed away. Fran was my confirmation sponsor and was the last of the Pantone sisters. Ron joined the ranks of orphan along with Carmela's , Gloria's and "Little" Dora's children : Marion, Judy,Fred, Cindy, Mike, Joanne, Jackie, Marilyn and Suzanne.

Being an orphan is tough. You don't have a parent to talk to about everyday things - where is the best place to buy tools or what color to paint a room. You also don't have a parent to talk to about what it is like to have a baby, raise a child or buy a home.

My path as an orphan was a bit easier because of my Aunt Dora, the matriarch of the family. What a blessing she is in my life!

The photos at Fran's wake today showed happy family times. It was wonderful to think back to the fun family weddings, fishing trips and Sunday dinners- macaroni and gravy of course!

Sure there are times I still wish I could ask my mom or dad a question but I think that just makes the time I did have with them so much more precious.

Every Day is a Blessing!

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