Saturday, March 28, 2009

Watching Trends

I've been watuching trends lately.
I watch stock market trends.
I watch housing trends.
I watch my CA-125 blood test results.

I really like that my CA-125 continues trending down. Since my CA-125 was still in the normal range(0-21) when I recurred, my doctors and I need to follow the trend and my CT results to see how well I am doing.

I had my blood work on Tuesday and thought I could make it to the 31st ( next scheduled chemo) without asking about the results. I can usually wait patiently until I see my doctor for my next treatment to hear the result. This week I made it a few days and then could not wait any longer. ( Learning a friend who also has OC was in the hospital made me sad and just added to my usual cancer survivor worries.)

I e-mailed my nurse and she reported that my value was 10. The number went promptly into my Excel spreadsheet so that I could chart the result. Since February I have been on a single chemo agent so I am especially happy with the continued downward trend.

Two more treatments to go - I might just make it to a single digit result yet!

Every day is a blessing !

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