Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Results!

This is me :o) smiling from ear to ear as I write this entry.
I was out this morning at CINJ for a meeting and when I got home there was a voice mail message from my oncologist. She said my CT scan looked fine. Hurrah!

Only two more treatments to go.


Every day is a blessing!


Ashley ~ said...

Just wanted to let you know that there is another member of the "club" over here doing a happy dance for your good news*!!!



ceekay said...

Hi...I am a woman of Teal in Arizona. Diagnosed in Oct 2006 with recurrance in spleen and liver this past February. I am currently having tomotherapy to try to avoid surgery...but we will see. I came over from Ashley's. So glad you had clear results. I pray I will get there.

l'optimiste said...

whoopee! great news!

Dee said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and support. You are all strong "Women of Teal".

Henrike said...

Fantastic news! I'm scheduled for my blood tests on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed ;-)

Brian Dowd said...

Excellent news Dee! So happy to hear this! Just know I am always here for you