Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Number 5 is complete

Today was chemo # 5.
I saw Dr Gibbon this morning before my treatment. She did an exam and said things were fine. She was happy with my CA-125 at 10 and said I would probably have another CT or PET/CT after my next chemo.

Then I was off to the treatment area. My nurse was Tareai, one of the nurses during my clinical trial back in 2006. I was in seat 17, at the front of the building by the windows where it was bright and sunny. It took over 4 hours for the taxol infustion but it went smoothly. I slept through most of it.

I got to meet a very inspirational women in the next seat. M is a stage 4 breast cancer survivor. We chatted for a while. She noted how most people do not want to talk to other people in the treatment area. It was nice to meet another upbeat person. We laughed about things we heard on the "View" and Whoopi's comments on the latest salmonella scare. She shared with me a booklet on God's Power to Heal. I appreciate how comfortable she was talking with someone she just met about her faith. Maybe she saw the necklace that Alycia and Kevin gave me and she felt able to share her faith story with me. It is silver with a cross and "believe " . I thought about a Livestrong friend from SC who tries to talk to someone each time she goes to chemo- M was just like her.

I am back to CINJ for the next 3 days for Neupogen shots.


Every Day is a blessing ! Today my day was bless by M.


l'optimiste said...

yay! 10! and only one more chemo? great news :o)

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