Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Four down two to go

Today I finished my fourth chemo treatment of my recurrence. It remains a single agent taxol only treatment since my serious carboplatin reaction in January.

I arrived at CINJ in the morning and Carla was once again was my treatment nurse. She was the wonderful nurse who calmly and quickly helped during my carbo reaction so I was pleased to be in her caring hands for this treatment. She accessed my double port but she was unable to get a blood flow return even after using heparin. So it was on the next step. I had Altiplase which is a tissue plasminograph activator. Now don't think I knew that already - I wrote it down after Carla explained what it did.It pretty much works like drain clean to dissolve the fibers that might be blocking the port line to my heart. They leave the labeled syringes attached to the lines so that no one inadvertently uses my port. After about 2 hours( which included my Dr visit) both lines worked fabulously and I could begin treatment.

I also got a chance to see Deanna my oncology nurse and Dr Rodriguez. Dr R did a physical exam and told me everything was normal. I also learned my CA-125 was now 12 down from 3 weeks ago. That result really made Nick and I very happy. Then we talked about the bad back pain pain I was feeling with the Neulasta shot. This week I will get Neupogen shots daily to see if the pain is less and if this drug keeps my white count normal like the Neulasta shot did.

I will be getting my CT Scan on Thursday and am praying that the results show no sign of disease again.



Every Day is a Blessing!

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l'optimiste said...

Hi Dee
I hope today's scan goes really well, and I am SO pleased for you about the CA 125.

Two to go - yay! Sending you a big fat cyber hug